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  • Where can I find your registry?
    We have everything we need and are excited for your presence, not presents. No gifts, please!
  • Are there scheduled events on New Year's Eve Eve, December 30th, 2024?
    We are hosting an intimate Rehearsal Dinner with immediate family, but invite you to join us for drinks afterwards - location and time to be announced!
  • Are children welcome?
    Your kids are adorable and we truly love them! However, at this stage in our lives, there would be twice as many kids as adults, so we hope you can see this evening as "mom and dad's night out".
  • What is the appropriate attire for "New Year's Eve inspired Cocktail"?
    We want you to feel both fabulous and comfortable! Have a fancy dress you never get to wear? Flaunt it! A tuxedo collecting dust in your closet? Dust if off! Prefer sweatpants? That's fine, as long as they are sequin!
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